Many people are ready to pay a large amount to the Toronto Wedding Cinematographer for the best wedding videos. That why many fresh out of film school young cinematographer are choosing this profitable industry of VPS (Video Production Services).

But, you don’t have to pay several thousands of dollars to a cinematographer or to a film school to produce your wedding video. Here you can find some useful tips on how to produce your wedding videos for yourself and save thousands of dollars.Toronto Wedding Cinematographers

The Wedding Videography Cost:

The Toronto Wedding Cinematographer in Toronto makes 87,000 dollars per year on an average. However, it is not too scruffy compared to professional and established videographers, and they can also get to choose their own working hours and charges.  Therefore, an established Toronto Wedding Cinematographer can easily earn more than 87,000 dollars per year.

Generally, the wedding videographer rates can vary, and here is how the costs differ from one Toronto Wedding Cinematographer to another:

Basic Package: In the basic package, you will get a musical video highlight can cost around 400 dollars to 900 dollars.

Enhanced Coverage: In this package, you will get a video highlight and the enhanced coverage of the reception, and it costs between 900 dollars and 1,200 dollars.

Cinematic Wedding Video: This package includes everything, including the scripted wedding movie, enhanced coverage, etc. This package can cost between 2,200 dollars and 3,200 dollars.

Luxury Package: This package includes all the above packages and also behind-the-scenes or documentary coverage of the pre-rehearsal, the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception. This can cost more than 5,000 dollars.

There are some Toronto Wedding Cinematographers who provide only luxury packages and they maintain the entire production tea to cover the entire wedding program and help with the videography.

Wedding Videography toronto

You can visualize doing quite a few wedding programs a month, and you can use this money to fulfill your filmmaking passion easily.  This is what you get from Toronto Wedding Cinematographers, they use wedding videography gigs to finance their filmmaking passion.

It’s a fact, wedding videography is the best way to get some extra income and many expert cinematographers choose this side business.

How do I Start a Wedding Film Company?

As you know that becoming a wedding videographer is not an easy task.  It is easy to start in a small town as you won’t have to face severe competition in small towns. But, if you are an NYC wedding cinematographer, then you must have the right film equipment to stay in the competition.

To get good business, the first step is, create a wedding video portfolio samples that contain the best and sweetest cinematic videos. Also, you should know your local competition and the market. Find your interest like if it is a montage music videos, vintage wedding videos, or artistic wedding films. Make sure to do differently from other videographers.


Though this job is tough and sometimes vicious, however, with the right attitude and film tools, you can become the best wedding videographer in the world.

An exclusive wedding video is the best gift for every newly married couple and it is the best memory that they can have with them for life. The best wedding video is not just about clicking the special and precious moments, it is about catching the right moment for eternity. Capturing a beautiful ephemeral moment and delivering an emotional, enchanting film is a more apparent piece of art than just a wedding video.